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Hark is a beautiful troll princess, stolen from her Northern home & carried away to the South by the dread pirate [personal profile] kaptainvon.

Okay, so she's not really a princess & he's a teacher. Also she stole him first (and turn about is fair play).

But the rest is true.

She collects gods, stories, recipes, wool, fandoms and unfinished projects. Her lucky number is 13. She's powered by chocolate, cups of tea (but not chocolate cups of tea, that would be silly) & snuffly kisses.

If she had a daemon it would be some sort of fat lizard, and if she had a dragon she'd be the happiest troll in all the world.

You're probably here because i added you to my circle, then ran away. Sorry.
i'm not trying to be rude, i'm just madly internet-shy (weird, eh?). i'm no where near as shy in real life.
Anyway, i'll have added you because you're 1)funny, 2)interesting, or c)both. i like you, internet person, and one day i may actually man-up enough to talk to you.

But i'm not hypocritical, feel free to add me and run away (OR stop by, say hi, comment on anything you like, whatever...)

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